29th April 2020

Text Messaging New SMS Numbers

Due to the increased volume over the last couple of months our primary outbound SMS number has been encountering issues at a few major carriers. As a response to this, we have split the US into multiple regions with numbers dedicated to each region. For each region, the bank of outbound SMS will be randomly selected when attempting to send outbound messages, this should allow for a degree of randomization in number selected to ensure that for a single department an impact to one outbound sms number wouldn't prevent messages for the entire department. Because of this region selection, it is still possible to narrow down what number you may see for Resgrid messages based on our target area code, but now instead of 1 number, there will be multiple you will need to enter in the Resgrid contact in your mobile devices. We plan to roll this out today and have documentation updated by the end of the week.