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Past Incidents

4th July 2019

No incidents reported

3rd July 2019

Dispatch Outbound SMS Fixed

Due to issues with the url shortner and sending SMS we've migrated over to a in-house custom url shortner and moved primary SMS dispatches over to +1 (775) 309-0260. All non-custom department SMS messages will be coming from that number for the immediate feature.

Dispatch SMS Not Delivering

We've determined that SMS messages are not being delivered to due to spam prevention measures on the actual carriers. This seems due to the url we've started including in our SMS messages. We are working to resolve this issue right now.

2nd July 2019

Responder App Responder App iOS Keyboard Fixed

Deployed version 7.184 of the Resgrid Responder app to the Apple App Store which fixes a number of keyboard overlap issues, mainly in the Custom Note and New Message pages. Also fixed issues with navigation of call editing and the map not rendering for call details.

1st July 2019

No incidents reported

30th June 2019

No incidents reported

29th June 2019

No incidents reported

28th June 2019

No incidents reported